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41 lbs.




Self Contained Pressurized 30-Pound Tank

  • Approximately 3,500 sq. feet of Coverage per Container

  • Green-Tinted

  • Designed For Foam

  • Does Not Degrade Foam

  • Approximate Setup Time — 4 Minutes

  • Foam Lok Adhesive Adheres EPS to EPS

  • Excellent for Construction, Signs, Theater, Arts & Crafts, Packaging, Florists, and 100's more uses

* Chemicals are prohibited on all domestic and international air shipments.

  The solvent base of Foam Lok Adhesive takes approximately 4 minutes* after spraying the surface to be bonded before locking action begins. Foam Lok Adhesive does not degrade the foam and works great with foam to foam, wood, metal, fabric, and many other surfaces.

  Because weather, humidity, and temperature can adversely affect both adhering times as well as bonding strength, we recommend a test be performed prior to use to determine the effectiveness this product will have in your application.

Foam Lok Adhesive does not degrade the foam. Foam-Lok is a powerful, fast-setting* EPS adhesive formulation used for bonding EPS to EPS. Foam Lok Adhesive also works well for adhering EPS to wood, metal, glass, fabric, and countless other substrates. Foam Lok Adhesive is also available in 30 or 38 pound bulk tank sprayer or a 5 gallon brushable container. Foam Lok Adhesive dispenses a web-like pattern, delivery about 100 sq. feet per 17.25-oz. can or 3,500 sq. feet from the bulk sprayer. The 5 gallon brushable foam adhesive should cover 1605 sq. feet at a 5 mil thickness.

FOAM-LOK™ will perform as intended - your results could differ if you do not follow the directions. Also, atmospheric conditions, temperature and thickness of application may vary the results. We suggest a trial test with each application to determine acceptable results.


Chemicals are Prohibited on all International and Domestic Air Shipments.

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