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EIFS Masonry TAPCON® Screws

EIFS masonry fasteners require the best available protective coating in order to combat the harsh effects of the environment. Because of this, we only offer the highest-quality coated fasteners that money can buy and all of our EIFS Tapcon® masonry fasteners have the approved Climaseal coating. Tapcon® masonry screws are ideal for use in concrete, brick, or block base material. Our fasteners not only meet the EIFS fastener coating requirements - we exceed them!

Benefits and features:

  • The unique thread design of these screws ‘cut’ into the base material when installed, providing excellent holding value.
  • Each Tapcon® is coated with a Blue Climaseal® coating, providing excellent rust resistance. They have been tested in a harsh, salt spray environment for 720 hours with less than 10% red rust, per ASTM B117.
  • Excellent for use in fastening foam to EIFS walls or on exterior decking.
  • Box of 1000.

Note: Screws shall meet ASTM B117.

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