Demand Products

Demand Products, Inc. - We are the specialists in tools & equipment for cutting & manipulating foam.

A history of innovation

Since 1984, Demand Products has continuously expanded from a small, family-owned business to an industry-leading tool & equipment manufacturer and now an essential supplier to the EIFS industry. Whether you are cutting, mounting, theming, or recycling styrofoam, Demand Products offers intelligent and cost-effective tool and machine solutions.

Foam Cutting Tools

We offer a superior line of hot knives, rasps, fasteners, adhesives, coatings, and other essential tools that EIFS and stucco professionals need to complete any project with outstanding results.

Foam Cutting Wire Machines

Demand Products supplies hot wire, fast wire, and band saw solutions for numerous applications, including cutting EPS, XPS, Polyurethane / Polyethylene foams, and more.

Foam Recycling Solutions

Demand Products sells large and small scale solutions for recycling foam, including heat densifiers and cold compactors for both industries and municipalities.

Top-Rated Customer Service and Satisfaction

Our primary focus is on putting customers first, and our track record proves it. For over 30 years, we have continuously received high marks from consumers and distributors in both service quality and product reputation.

Featured products

Our clients keep coming back to us for two simple reasons: a focus on providing excellent customer service and the genuinely innovative products we offer them.

Demand Products has created many of the foam industry’s top-rated tools, which are always the first choice for EIFS professionals: PBH Washers, DuraRasps™, Racer™ Trowels, Titan™ Trowels, Pro-Lok™ Adhesive, Wireless Hot Knives, and MegaPlot CNC Machines, to name just a few.